Camp Kwasind – 2010s

Spencer “Reptar” Thompson

Hi! I’m Spencer, and I’ve been going to Kwasind for as long as I can remember. From attending family camp’s when I was a baby, to signing up for my first week of camp by myself when I was 7, to now being a staff alumni I could go on and on about what Kwasind means to me. My family is a Kwasind family through and through, and knowing that 3 generations have attended Kwasind is heart-warming.

One of my most memorable times at Kwasind as a camper was in 2011 when I attended the LIT program. That summer changed my life. I learned so many new things in regards to out-tripping, my own personal relationship with God, and meeting lifelong friends along the way. Kwasind is my home. Kwasind is a community of fellow believers to join together to show Christ’s love to all. After being on staff from 2012-2017, being able to work for the camp under 2 different directors was a treat to see that passion behind growing this ministry. My favourite memory of being on staff has to be leading the LEAP group for 2 years. The experiences we shared camping in Temagami/Wanapitei and the bonding of the group was something special to be a part of.

The opportunities I’ve been given and the absolute privilege it was to serve at Kwasind will be with me forever. I am so excited to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Kwasind, and be able to celebrate the many milestones ahead.

Robin Black

LIT 2010
Staff 2011, 2012

Kwasind means more than one could fit in a paragraph. It is a place where unlikely friends become forever friends. It is a place where the stresses of a year melt away and everyone can learn and love God. I grew and developed into the person I am today because of the summer’s I spent at Kwasind. Kwasind is a place of love and joy, where the best memories are made. Kwasind will forever hold a special place in my heart. From the tuck shop to the camp fire stage; from the beach to the island; from the point to craft cabin, we are Camp Kwasind and we’re off the wall!

Julien “Mimic” Busse

I find it strangely difficult to express what Kwasind means to me. In terms of my story, it has been a second chance at developing disciples through camp ministry. Where I have been able to express myself and my creativity through developing new ideas and implementing them in a safe context. In regards to my leadership, it has been a reminder of getting back to the basics of praying first, focusing on Christ, and living out the great commission. In general,

I see Kwasind as a community of soul-friends, where people with different upbringings and world-views, come together with the mutual bond of being “camp people”. Kwasind is a circus of misfit people pulling off the greatest show; a team of mutants with superpowers; an Acts 2 church; a playground at recess; a table to be fed at; a game changer; and a sanctuary of solitude, silence, and stillness. Kwasind is, and is becoming, home. May I walk these paths singing praises forever—amen.